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Lola Funk

SHIMMER is a series of work of arts poured in epoxy resin based on the aesthetics and themes discovered in Alex Garlands ANNIHILATION. In the cosmic horror film, the Shimmer describes the soap bubble colored border between the world as we know it and the anomalous territory that is infested by an alien presence. This otherworldly form of existency makes plants and animals mutate to new forms of life consisting of features of the world as we know it and the other world, strange, mysterious and scary yet fascinating to us.

Epoxy is the medium of freezing of time: once poured into the resin any object will stop to change, age, wither - properties thar stand in a strong opposition to the medium film that build on ephemerality and mortality, a beginning and an end.

LOLA FUNK works in between the movies and fine arts and is married to film. Her topics of interest circle around the unknown, the unseen but felt, dreams, violence, the self and the other, sci fi and the entertaintingly bizarre.


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